Naoaki Mashita


Naoaki Mashita was born in Tokyo, 1977. Whilst pursuing studies at Keio University in 1998, Naoaki established V-cube Internet – now V-cube, Inc. – and assumed the role of Founder & CEO. Thereafter, Naoaki changed V-cube’s primary business to visual communications and achieved the No.1 Market Share in Japan’s Web Conference market in 2008. V-cube has maintained this position for 8 years. With the support from Intel Capital in 2009, Naoaki shifted focus to overseas markets and established operations in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In January 2013, Naoaki relocated to Singapore to stimulate local business development with the goal of becoming the No.1 Visual Communications service provide in Asia. In December 2013, V-cube was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers board. Subsequently in July 2015, V-cube stepped up to main board of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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