Lalit Singh


Lalit is a high performing technology and operations executive with proven experience running and scaling complex operations, driving growth initiatives, digital transformations and mergers and divestitures in Fortune 50 organizations. He enjoys diving into ambiguous business problems and solving them with clear operational plans that can be executed against. He does this by turning confusion into clarity, activities into results and uncertainty into understanding. He has driven transformation in the areas of digital, financial, operational, organizational and sales operations. Lalit has an empowering leadership style growing large capable teams with highly competent leaders. He has led large teams of 1000+. In addition to working at large scale enterprises, Lalit has a lot of experience advising and mentoring several technology start-ups and accelerators. Prior to Udacity, Lalit spent 12 years at EDS, HP, HPE, and Micro Focus across a range of roles including VP and COO for HPE’s $2B Cloud business, VP Operational Performance driving the largest split (HP into HPE and HPI) in the industry, Finance Controller of $300M operations organization, Senior Director and Strategy Leader for $20B Enterprise Services business. During this time Lalit drove $1 Billion+ bottom line impact for the company. Prior to leaving Micro Focus, Lalit led first in industry transformation of highly complex IT applications and processes for HPE’s $3B software business; moved the business from old-school/legacy, on-premise, and disjointed systems to seamless and scalable cloud-based architecture powered by 20 best-in-class SaaS applications. Outside of work, as Assistant Scout Master with BSA, Lalit spends time developing Scouts as future leaders of America. He is also a yoga and meditation instructor and has conducted many mindfulness sessions with 100+ attendees.

948 W Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007
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