Ashish Kumar


Ashish Kumar is currently the Chairman of Cascade Investments Pte. Ltd, the family’s Singapore based Investment Company with investments in Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Information Technology and Infrastructure. Cascade Investments is the holding company of Cascade Group of Companies, which had setup a strategic alliance with Innovative Design Technology Group, Australia (Now called Amber Power Pty. Ltd.) to manufacture and distribute the Amber Power Energy Converters Globally. This eventually led to Mr. Kumar holding a significant stake in Amber Power Holdings Limited. Mr. Kumar also sat on the board of the Amber companies. Prior to the above mentioned projects Mr. Kumar was Chief Advisor of Belliss India Limited – a leading steam turbine manufacturer in India. Mr. Kumar joined Belliss in the year 2009 through his strategic acquisition of the Belliss holding company Allen Power Holdings Ltd., UK from Rolls Royce, plc., which made him the majority shareholder in Belliss. Mr. Kumar’s role at Belliss was to expand Belliss’s reach to Global Markets while diversifying the company into a leading energy player focused on renewables. He was Founder and Group CEO of Jaintec Enterprises Inc. – an Engineering Design, Manufacturing & Training Company with offices in US and India. At Jaintec, Mr. Kumar’s responsibility was to drive the business vision into reality. Under Mr. Kumar’s leadership the company had grown multi-folds in a short period of time and became a leader in Turbine Blade design and manufacturing in India and was later on merged with Belliss India Limited. Mr. Kumar had also been instrumental in the business development of the company at early stages and had been able to penetrate the Aerospace and Defence markets with business relations with companies such as Hindustan Aeronautics, Ordnance Factory and BHEL. Prior to founding Jaintec, Mr. Kumar was Founder and CEO of a software company operating in the ERP space which he sold in early 2000. In 2001 he founded a Telecom Company which grew in one year into a multi-million dollar business with offices in US, Europe and India and was sold in the year 2004. Mr. Kumar has also invested in numerous entities around the world in industries ranging from Energy, Telecom and Information Technology. His recent investment has been in an Information Technology Company in India. He also sits on the board of various companies globally.

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