Sumeru Ventures has collaborated with SCET, UC Berkeley to get access to its world class engineering and entrepreneurship professors for their educational and training resources. The fund will also be setting up Sumeru Ventures Initiative globally to conduct multiple courses and programs including BMoE and BMoI to develop digital entrepreneurs and talent pool globally to fill the gap in the technology industry.

From left to right: Aman Goyal – Analyst, Sumeru Ventures; Saumen Chakraborty – Managing Partner, Sumeru Ventures; Susan Giesecke – Director of Global Engagement, Berkeley Sutardja Center; Jatin Chaurasia – Managing Partner, Sumeru Ventures

Sumeru Ventures is pleased to announce its partnership with Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and TechnologyUniversity of California at Berkeley to encourage knowledge sharing, create global talent pool and approach the big problems of tomorrow in a very cohesive and supportive environment.  

Under the collaboration with SCET, Sumeru Ventures will be a part of SCET’s Global Partners Program and will invest in cutting-edge and innovative ideas coming out of their incubators, hackathons and other events. Our entrepreneurs will also get access to the world class facilities at UC Berkeley campus with various resources including the engineering and entrepreneurship professors, labs and UC Berkeley’s global network.  

To solve big problems of tomorrow, Sumeru Ventures will set up initiatives with SCET globally and in growing economies like India which is home to 1000’s of technology start-ups. These programs will create the right toolboxes and techniques to develop digital entrepreneurs and talent pool globally to fill the gap in the technology industry. The initiative will also serve as a bridge between east and west facilitating the amalgamation of technological advancements and growing economies, talent and mind wisdom.   

“We are very excited about the new partnership with Sumeru Ventures,” says Susan Giesecke, director of global engagement for SCET, “Through this relationship, we will not only be able to empower the entrepreneurs at Sumeru and reach many more people around the world with our programs, but our entrepreneurs here in Berkeley will have a new way to access capital and enter global markets.”  

Sumeru Ventures global technology fund is stage agnostic and focuses on emerging technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain and Visual Collaboration. Our extensive network of advisors, partnerships and market access to 150+ countries allow our entrepreneurs to grow and scale rapidly.  

Through its partnership with the Art of Living Foundation, Sumeru Ventures also has expertise to offer support to help entrepreneurs with their mental and spiritual health so that they can reach their full potential. 

We are extremely thrilled at the onset of this journey with SCET and looking forward to backing daredevils in the technology industry and creating a better world. 

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