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We are a global technology fund investing in initial stage to later growth stage companies in emerging markets. We are working with institutions which extends our presence globally with access to markets, deals and resources. This broad global footprint enables our companies to better understand growth opportunitiesexpand in global markets and grow rapidly.  
What sets us apart from others in the industry are the founding values imbibed in us and our missionWe invest in teams we believe in, rather than in companies we’d like to run. Together with the founders we take on humanities biggest problems to create most valued companies of our times.


We partner with founders from their earliest days through all phases of growth. With our stage & sector agnostic approach we are reimagining how humans will learn, work and live through the evolutions happening in multiple sectors with our companies. We focus on technology and invest in sectors where it can make a positive impact on the human race and lead to higher returns. We believe in finding good founding teams and leaving them in place tends to produce higher returns overall.

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